Breakthrough Interventions South Africa

A Branch of Breakthrough Interventions, Denver USA. We are an intervention organisation and we work with children across the Autism spectrum.

We provide 1:1 therapy, school facilitation, teacher training and parent training on ASD. We believe all children on the Autism Spectrum can progress and we work to take each child to his/ her next level of development.

Underneath what often presents as challenging behaviour, is a child who wants to learn and who finds happiness in reaching goals.

Our main strengths are our skills in taking children with ASD from non-verbal to verbal and helping them learn to regulate their own behaviour.


Each of our committee members have personal experience with Autism, being parents of a child with Autism (one being an aunt of a child with Autism).

We have all experienced the emotional highs and lows associated with the condition and continue to have deep love and commitment to our children with ASD.

Together we are raising awareness and promoting acceptance of those on the Autism Spectrum.

Back Row (Left to Right): Gareth De Broize, Joy Randall, Robyn De Broize, Candice Page

Middle Row: James Collins, Caz Collins, Momeen Omar

Front: Sheldon Randall